'What I Tell You?': Officer's Words of Warning Prove All Too Accurate Ahead of Traffic Stop Crash

An officer’s words of warning proved dramatically apt during a traffic stop in Florida recently, as a car came crashing into his patrol vehicle just after he warned those he’d pulled over to move back from the road for their own safety.

“Come up on the grass, man, I don’t want you getting smushed in between the cars, in case someone hits us,” Corporal Marton can be heard saying during the stop on Highway 484 in Ocala.

Moments later, a passing car collided with the patrol vehicle, and Corporal Marton, who was leaning into it, was thrown to the ground. He nonetheless quickly recovered to attend to those in the crashed car along with Deputy Latham.

“What I tell you, boys,” the unfazed Marton can be heard saying.

Neither the officers nor the occupants of the stopped car were injured, but the driver and passenger of the passing vehicle were, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said.

The sheriff’s office used the incident to highlight Florida’s “Move Over” law, which requires drivers passing a vehicle parked on the roadside to move over or slow down. Credit: Marion County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript



- [INAUDIBLE] 2500 block Highway 484, [INAUDIBLE] 57 alpha foxtrot bravo Juliet-- should come back to a gray Dodge sedan.

- 10-4.

- Do me a favor. Come up on the grass, man. I don't want you getting mushed in between the cars in case someone hits us.


- Correct?

- Yeah.




- We just had someone run into the back of our patrol car.

- [INAUDIBLE], correct?

- Yeah.



- What did I tell you boys?

- Oh, bro.

- [INAUDIBLE] away from vehicle. [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah.


- Come on. Come on the grass, man.

- I'm literally telling him, bro, what are you doing?

- Can you get on the grass for me? Literally--

- Yes, sir.

- --I just told them that this could happen. And then this happened.