Tell us: how has your life been affected by the Black Lives Matter movement?

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<span>Photograph: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

As part of our commemorations for the upcoming one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death and the Black Lives Matter protests of last summer, we would like to speak to families about how their lives have been affected by the BLM movement.

We want to hear about how each of your lives has changed – or not changed – over the last year, for example in the workplace, in education, in personal relationships, to reflect on the movement’s impact across different generations.

How has BLM impacted the conversations you have as a family? Has it led to any changes in your schools or workplaces, and how effective have they been? Has it influenced priorities like how you spend your money, what you read, how you spend your time? How have you processed the events of the past year? How do you feel about the future?

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