Ten children die after boat capsizes in Pakistan

Ten children have died after a boat capsized in northwest Pakistan.

The incident happened in the Tanda Dam lake in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Local police official Qismat Khan said 25 students were on the boat.

The children, from a religious school in the northwestern province, were visiting the lake on a picnic.

The 10 children who died from drowning were aged between 11 and 13, while nine more remain missing.

Six were rescued, and three are in a critical condition.

The official said that an earlier group of 16 students was able to cross the lake. But the same boat capsized while taking 25 on the next trip.

He added: "As per initial reports, overloading resulted in the overturning of the boat."

Divers were called in from the provincial capital Peshawar and local people joined authorities in recovering bodies from the water.

The accident came on the same day when a bus fell down a ravine in southern Pakistan killing more than 40 people.