Ten million French households qualify for 100 euro petrol subsidy


Ten million French households on Monday became eligible for a fuel subsidy of 100 euros. The one-off grant replaces the government's petrol price support scheme which was in force until the end of 2022.

Under the price support system put in place last year in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the government compensated the oil companies for increased crude oil prices in order to limit the impact on individual consumers.

Everyone who owned a motor vehicle was eligible.

The new system will concern only the five income groups at the bottom of the tax table. To qualify, an individual must have a basic annual income of no more than €14,700, the equivalent of €1,314 per month.

The monthly limit for a couple with two children is €3,941.

The 100 euro payment is a one-off grant, and is considered by the government to be a fair replacement for last year's discount of 10 centimes per litre.

The handout is intended to help those who need their cars to travel to and from their place of work, and is based on an annual professional usage of 12,000 kms.

The closing date for the scheme is 28 February.

The government estimates the total cost of the initiative at €1 billion. The previous scheme, involving a general rebate on the pump price, cost around €8 billion.

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