The ten strangest buildings in Bangkok, Thailand

This video shows ten of the strangest buildings in Bangkok, Thailand. They include a building designed in the shape of a toy robot and an ultra-thin apartment block that is home to a police station. The fourth building in the video is the Erawan Museum, which is built inside a giant three-headed bronze elephant, while the fifth is a skyscraper shaped like the letter 'G'. Also in the strangest buildings is a unique temple with a dragon coiled around the edge, and the Wat Pariwat temple, which has a bronze sculpture of David Beckham and hundreds of carvings of iconic cartoon characters. In Bangkok, there is also a vintage police station more than 100 years old that is made entirely from wood, a 19th century customs house that collected taxes from traders sailing along the Chao Phraya River, and a glass skywalk on a 314m (1,030ft) tall skyscraper built by the Thai conglomerate (and Leicester City FC sponsors) King Power.