Tenerife Airbnb owner breaks silence after missing Jay Slater 'walked off alone'

Ophelia, the owner of the Airbnb where Jay stayed the night before he vanished
-Credit: (Image: MEN)

The owner of the secluded Airbnb where Jay Slater spent his last known night has shared details about the morning he 'walked off alone' as the extensive search operation in Tenerife enters its fifth day.

Jay Slater, a 19 year old from Lancashire, has been missing since Monday morning, having last made contact with his friend Lucy around 8am. His phone signal was last detected in a rugged mountain region approximately half a mile north of Masca.

It seems he was attempting to make his way back to the island's southern part when he called Lucy, mentioning his phone battery was at 1 per cent and expressing his need for water. Since that call, there has been no sight nor sound of Jay, with an intensive search ongoing in the challenging mountainous area to the north of the island.

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Ophelia, who runs Casa Abuela Tina, the holiday let where Jay reportedly stayed with two acquaintances he met while attending the NRG festival, expressed her concerns to the Manchester Evening News. She recounted seeing him ascend the hillside solo on Monday morning.

While standing outside the rental property on Friday, she conveyed: "It's dangerous walking around here, it's easy to lose yourself. He walked up the road when I saw him for the last time. He was alone. He was walking normally, though he was fast."

Ophelia disclosed that not only had Jay inquired about catching the bus from that vicinity on the morning of his departure, but he had also ventured out by foot along the single thoroughfare traversing the area. Despite the heightened media frenzy, she voiced her grave concerns, asserting, "We are not to blame".

The dwelling in question, which is described as a vacation rental online, is believed to have been leased by two companions who accompanied Jay on the evening preceding his disappearance.

In their continuous quest, law enforcement officials have turned their attentions to the rugged, mountainous terrain stretching along the island's north-western border, near the hamlet of Masca. The Civil Guard relayed to Manchester Evening News as of Friday that the search had yet to yield any new leads.

Mountain rescue teams, supported by officers scanning the mountains through their binoculars, could be seen trudging through the dense hillsides. The authorities have verified that the search operation has intensified throughout the vast Masca region.

The speculation is that the focus of the initiative centres around the Parque Rural de Teno in the island's northwest. In the wake of this distressing situation, Jay's family, including his mother Debbie, have travelled to the Canary Island to aid the search efforts.

A distraught Debbie communicated to ITV News the torment she endures daily, lamenting her decision not to dissuade her son from traveling to Tenerife before his disappearance. Overwhelmed with emotion, she disclosed: "I wouldn't wish this on anybody. I want my baby back. It's a nightmare, an absolute living nightmare."