Tenerife rave where Jay Slater partied hours before vanishing issues lengthy statement

Jay Slater was reported missing in Tenerife on Monday (June 17)
-Credit: (Image: MEN Media)

Organisers of the festival rave that Jay Slater attended before his sudden disappearance in Tenerife have issued a statement as the week-long search for the missing teen continues.

Jay has not been seen or heard from since Monday, June 17. The 19-year-old from Lancashire vanished after attempting to walk back to his accommodation over 30km away. It has been reported it was the morning after spending the night at an Airbnb with new people he has met at NRG music event.

According to reports, he walked off alone and uphill into the mountainous area around the Rural de Teno park, near to the Masca village. Friend Lucy, who was also on holiday with the teen, received a call from Jay, who explained that he was lost and had one per cent phone battery, before his mobile ran flat at around 8.50am.

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A huge search has been on-going ever since. Helicopters, rescue dogs and drones have been deployed across the island but sadly the Jay has still not been found. A new video has now emerged, where Jay can be seen partying a rave in south Tenerife just hours before he went missing. reports Manchester Evening News.

Jay Slater was reported missing in Tenerife on Monday (June 17)
Missing Jay Slater -Credit:MEN Media

In the clip, Jay is wearing reflective sunglasses on his head, walking through a packed club, while ravers dance around him. Since then, NRG, the music festival which Jay is said to have attended the night before he vanished have issued a public statement.

Posting on the office Instagram account, it read: "Firstly, thank you to everyone who came to our NRG event in Tenerife last weekend. As you'll be aware, among the attendees was 19-year-old Jay Slater who, after leaving the event, was reported missing in the north of the island on Monday.

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"We are grateful for the many thousands who have engaged with and shared the appeals from our own and many other channels over the days since. Despite the widespread coverage and hard work of the local authorities and volunteers involved in the search, at the time of posting Jay has not yet been found.

"That such a devastating situation has arisen has deeply affected us all. We have been able to give some practical support to the members of Jay's family who have come to Tenerife in such difficult circumstances, and we are inspired by their resilience and determination.

"Like them, and you, we continue to hope for Jay's safe return. The authorities in Tenerife can be contacted with any information which may be of help on local numbers 062 or 112. Thanks for your support."