Tennessee Family Creates Magical 'Narnia' Doorway in Bedroom

A family in Ten Miles, Tennessee, used an old wardrobe to create a “Narnia” themed doorway between their master bedroom and new library.

Video filmed by Jill Franks shows her son opening the wardrobe to reveal what at first glance looks like an ordinary interior, but hidden behind a layer of clothing is yet another door that connects the bedroom to a cozy library.

Franks said she had always wanted an “old world looking” library, and when the building work for the new library was finished, her husband suggested adding a wardrobe at the entrance, referencing the magical portal that transports the characters in CS Lewis’ fantasy series to Narnia.

“I commented to my husband that it was almost like walking into another world…sort of like our own Narnia. He immediately said, ‘I know what we have to do!’” Credit: Jill Franks via Storyful

Video transcript