Tennessee Police Officer Takes 84-Year-Old Woman to Hair Appointment

After coming across a woman in her 80s walking alone along a highway, a police officer carried out a simple act of kindness by escorting her to her hair appointment in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Officer Lance Hofeister explained he was driving down Old Fort Parkway and noticed a senior citizen with her walker. “I didn’t know if she had wandered away, I didn’t know if she was lost, I didn’t know exactly what was going on, so, that’s why I wanted to check on her,” he said.

The woman, 84-year-old Elizabeth Goode, had taken a bus from Nashville and had just been dropped off at a stop. She was scheduled to get a perm at the nearby town center.

Hofeister gave Goode a one-mile ride to her destination. "She was such a sweet soul and told me a couple of stories along the way, but it was just a great moment,” he said.

Videos released by Murfreesboro Police Department shows the officer coming across Goode, and escorting her into the shopping center. Credit: Murfreesboro Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript


LARRY FLOWERS: It was this TikTok post by sarahmarie988 on April 29 with the caption, just saw this Murfreesboro police officer take this adorable elderly lady to her hair appointment. So far 160,000 views, more than 3600 likes, and nearly 100 comments. So we did a little investigation of our own to find out the backstory.

It was a routine day on patrol for Murfreesboro Police field training officer, Lance Hofeister.

LANCE HOFEISTER: I just was driving down Old Fort Parkway and noticed what appear to be a senior citizen walking down the highway with her walker.

LARRY FLOWERS: Hofeister became concerned.

LANCE HOFEISTER: I didn't know if she wandered away. I didn't know if she was lost. I didn't know exactly what was going on. But that is why I wanted to check on her.

LARRY FLOWERS: The woman rode a WeGo bus from Nashville and had just been dropped off at a bus stop at Old Fort Park.

LANCE HOFEISTER: She was very bright, very sweet. And she just said that she was trying to get to her hair appointment.

LARRY FLOWERS: She was scheduled to get a perm at the Paul Mitchell The School Murfreesboro at the Stones River Town Center.

LANCE HOFEISTER: You like it there?

ELIZABETH GOODE: If you would stand behind me, [INAUDIBLE].

LANCE HOFEISTER: Yeah, no problem. I got you. You ready?


LANCE HOFEISTER: All right. All right, you OK?


LANCE HOFEISTER: OK, where's your family?

LARRY FLOWERS: The one mile ride gave Hofeister an opportunity to find out more about his newfound friend, 84-year-old Elizabeth Goode.

LANCE HOFEISTER: She is such a sweet soul and told me a couple of stories along the way. No, it was just a great, great moment.

LARRY FLOWERS: The more and more they talked, reminded Hofeister of someone close to his heart.

LANCE HOFEISTER: I lost my grandmother a couple of years back. And it just kind of gave me that feeling all over again of just the-- I don't know-- sincere, nostalgic-- I don't know. It was just a great feeling.

LARRY FLOWERS: For Officer Hofeister, the simple gesture ranks at the top of all of his calls for service.

LANCE HOFEISTER: It was definitely a sweet moment now. I'll always remember it. Let's see how I can help you here.

ELIZABETH GOODE: [INAUDIBLE]. I can help myself.

LANCE HOFEISTER: [LAUGHS] That's not right.



LARRY FLOWERS: Community policing at its best.

LANCE HOFEISTER: You're very welcome. I'm Lance.

ELIZABETH GOODE: Lance. I'm Elizabeth.

LANCE HOFEISTER: Elizabeth, good. I'll never forget you.

ELIZABETH GOODE: Thank you. Thank you a lot.

LANCE HOFEISTER: You're welcome.

ELIZABETH GOODE: I appreciate it.

LANCE HOFEISTER: All right, no problem.

LARRY FLOWERS: For "Behind the Badge", I'm Larry Flowers.