Tense scenes as Israeli forces lob tear gas at praying Palestinians in West Bank protest tent

Israeli forces threw tear gas grenades in the direction of Palestinians praying inside a protest tent southeast of Jerusalem on Thursday (July 11). Video shows protesters erecting a tent on the West Bank side of Sur Baher neighborhood. The tent was reportedly erected to protest against plans to demolition hundreds of apartments. Video shows tear gas being fired towards the activists' makeshift tent and a tear gas grenade being thrown by members of the Israeli forces in the direction of Palestinians kneeling to prayer inside the tent. After the protesters disperse, the tent is dismantled by the Israeli forces. According to local media, the tent was set up this morning in an area of Sur Baher called Wadi al-Hummos to show solidarity with the homeowners who may see their homes demolished within days after an Israeli court gave the green light to demolish 100 apartments for being built too close to a separation wall.