Terminally-ill boy aged three gets to see what could be his last festive snow scene - after family make 'winter wonderland' in their front garden

Mason Williams was born with 'half a heart syndrome' and may not be able to have the vital lung transplant which could prolong his life

Terminally-ill Mason Williams may not see another festive snowfall - so his kind-hearted family brought winter to him instead.

The three-year-old was born with 'half a heart syndrome' and may not be able to have the vital lung transplant which could prolong his life.

The youngster's family are determined to make the most of his time left, so created a 'winter wonderland' surprise in their front garden for their beloved boy.

After putting out a heartfelt plea, Mason's mother Melodie received 400 litres of real snow, festive trees and lights for them to transform their front garden in Rowley Regis, West Mids.

They treated a beaming Mason to his own private winter snow scene while they wait to see if he can have a life-saving procedure.

Mother-of-five Melodie, 41, said: 'I just had to do something now incase he's not alive next time it snows.'
'If I didn't do it now, and something happens to him I'd never forgive myself for not making the most of the time we had.'

Mason has undergone a series of operations to replumb his heart so that one ventricle can do the work of two, but due to pressure in his lungs he is unable to undergo the final stages of the life saving procedure.
Melodie said: 'Cardiologists said Mason's blood pressure were too high for him to have an operation to extend his life.
'If his condition does not improve he will not be put on the heart and lung transplant list.'

Melodie made a desperate plea to local businesses to help her make her youngest born's wish come true - and they responded with an overwhelming show of generosity.

Magical: Brave Mason played in the snow for an hour thanks to his family's kind-hearted gesture. (Caters)
Hollywood snow company, Snowbusiness, imported real snow for Mason to play in and his local Asda superstore donated lights, trees and decorations to make the setting even more magical.

Melodie said: 'I am so grateful to everyone who helped us, things like this just don't happen to me, I'm so lucky that I could make this happen for Mason.'

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Mason was delighted by his surprise and spent over an hour playing in the snow. When he woke up and stepped out the front door he was so shocked.
'He laughed and giggled as he touched the snow, he can't speak but I knew he was loving his treat. Watching him was amazing, I will remember it forever.'
Mason has been diagnosed since a baby with hypoplastic left heart syndrome where the left ventricle of the heart is severely undeveloped before birth.
The battling youngster may not live to see another winter snowfall. (Caters)
He also has a rare disease called micro-deletion which means he is missing 53 genes and also has severe developement delay.
Melodie was hoping Mason could have heart surgery to save his life but the pressures in Mason's heart are too high for the operation to take place.
Mason, who was treated at the Birmingham Children's Hospital, has had the first stages of the Norwood Procedure to re-plumb his heart so that the one half can supply blood to the whole body but is not well enough to undergo the final Fontan stage.
Melodie said: 'The cardiologist said that is Mason has the operation now, his heart would not be able to cope with the high pressures of the blood and he would die on the operating table.'