Terminally-ill dad who was wrestled to the ground after mooning at a speed camera, has been honoured with a suspected Banksy mural

A terminally-ill dad has been honoured with a suspected Banksy painting after a clip of him being wrestled to the ground by police officers went viral - after he mooned at a speed camera for his bucket list. Darrell Meekcom, 55, was left stunned when he was contacted by an anonymous person who represented an 'international street artist' on Wednesday (10/11) morning. Now, pictures of two police officers, with a colourful small Bart Simpson, have appeared on an underpass near the Waterside Pub in Kidderminster, Worcs. The pictures show two police officers in guard gear with two batons, hovering over Bart Simpson who is showing his bum - a reference to Darrell's bucket list he drew up after being diagnosed with terminal multiple system atrophy. Darrell dropped his trousers at the mobile speed camera van on Stourbridge Road while his wife went to buy some bread from a nearby Tesco Express. Following that, the dad of two, from Kidderminster, went viral this week after cops pulled up outside the home of Darrell - who also has Parkinson's Disease and heart and kidney problems - and demanded to be let in. When he refused, officers raided the home and kicked down the garden gate before wrestling him to the ground outside to put him in cuffs - all filmed by his wife, Sarah, 36. But now, Darrell and his family have found amusement from the artwork and has praised the mysterious artist for their 'tongue and cheek' mural. Darrell said: "I had a message from an account last week, saying they were representing an anonymous international street artist. "We discussed what happened with the police and they said they wanted to do a piece on it. "I was shocked and didn't think it was real. I thought nothing of it. "Then I got another message on Wednesday asking if I was still interested - I said yes. "Then to my amazement, I got another anonymous message today (Sat) to say the piece had been done and I was supplied with a postcode. "We had some photos taken and sent them across to them. It is amazing." Inspired by the original story, the artist told Darrell that the police were purposely painted in black to represent the 'disproportionate use of force' and the 'dark and oppressive nature of the police', while Bart Simpson was depicted as 'cheeky, comical and playful'. Darrell added: "The Bart Simpson is me. It is awesome. It is a fun story. "Many people will be able to see this now - it is really cleverly done.

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