Terrified driver ploughs car into lake after finding spider on his arm

Nick Reilly
Yes, a spider caused THIS. (Picture: Facebook)
Yes, a spider caused THIS. (Picture: Facebook)

Spiders can be terrifying. Long suffering arachnophobes know this to be especially true.

But few know it as much as one driver in Australia, who ended up driving his car into a lake when he realised that a huntsman spider had taken residence on his arm.

The driver was travelling to a landfill site after finishing a spring clean when he first noticed the creature, and veered his car round a bend straight into Lake Cathie, New South Wales.

‘I meant to hit the brake but instead I accidentally hit the accelerator’, he recalled.


He also says that his car only stopped when it hit the water, and he soon realised how deep it was.

I was surprised at how deep it was,’ he said.

But while his reaction to the spider might initially seem like somewhat of an overreaction, it’s worth noting that huntsman spiders usually measure up to 15cm wide.

Oh, and they’re also capable of dragging mice, too.

Last week one was spotted dragging a rodent up the side of a fridge in Australia. 

Now, we totally understand his terror.

Be afraid, be very afraid.