Terrified man finds 10ft long python hanging from the bathroom’s ceiling

A terrified man raced from the toilet after finding a 10ft long python hanging from the bathroom’s ceiling. Car washer Prawit Loettaisong 18 walked into the bathroom to shower after cleaning his customer’s pickup truck during a hot afternoon in Chonburi province, central Thailand on July 8. Prawit undressed and hung his clothes on the hanger but when he looked up, he spotted a dark figure moving on the ceiling. Terrified Prawit attempted to climb out from the bathroom window as the snake was hanging above the door but couldn’t because of the window’s small size. He composed himself and sprinted out of the bathroom with only a towel on and shouting for help. Prawit’s colleagues called the rescue team and snake wranglers arrived at the scene with a hook. The group discovered 10ft long python curled up above the toilet. They grabbed the snake using the stick and moved it to a fertiliser bag. Prawit said: ‘When I saw the snake I was so scared. I would have climbed out from the window but my head could not fit through it.’ The rescue team took the python away with them in the sack to have it released back into the wild.

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