Terrified Myanmar residents barricade themselves inside shop as security forces charge through streets

Terrified residents barricaded themselves inside a shop as security forces charged through the streets during unrest in Myanmar. Footage shows the trembling family – afraid that the security forces could attack them – hiding inside their property in Yangon on Tuesday (March 2). The unrest came more than a month after the army ousted former leader Aung San Suu Kyi from power on February 1 and seized control of state operations. The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate was seen in court on Monday. The total death toll from the protests is unclear – with some reports from local media claiming dozens of people have been killed. Human rights groups have expressed growing concern. International pressure on Myanmar, still known as Burma, has escalated with the US government warning of sanctions on the country. Burma was governed by Britain from 1824 to 1948, during which time it became the second-wealthiest country in Southeast Asia but following independence was ruled by the military until 2011 when democratic reforms began. It changed its name to Myanmar.