Terrifying flash floods and landslides hit Indonesian village after heavy rain

Heavy rain caused terrifying flash floods and landslides in Indonesia today (May 13)

The downpours struck the Paya Tumpi area of Aceh Province dragging trees down from mountains and even washing away cars. 

Panic-stricken locals fled when the torrent carrying rocks and mud began surging through their village. While others screamed as they watched the devastation being unleashed. 

The Aceh Disaster Management Agency (BPBA) official confirmed the flash flood incident occurred in the Central Aceh region. Officers are still carrying out disaster management work while they assess the damage.

"The flash floods happened because the rainfall was so hard and fast," said Sunawardi, BPBA Chief Executive.

Sunawardi said that officers could were still working on the scene to check if there were any casualties.

He added: ''Residents have been evacuated and there are a number of refugees. Large numbers of homes are damaged.''