Terrifying footage captures the moment an alligator prowls across a couple's front garden

A couple got a movement notification on their driveway camera - and logged in to spot an alligator.

The huge reptile trigged the motion-activated camera and appeared to be sauntering across the lawn in front of the house, at 5.13am.

Maria Dimapelis, from Mount Dora, Florida, spotted the 5ft creature while she was on a cruise ship in Alaska, on August 11.

She said: “We were on a cruise ship in Alaska when we received a notification from our home security system that our camera detected an animal.

“I informed my husband and we both opened our security apps – to our surprise, the camera showed an alligator crawling at the front of our garage door.

“I felt so scared knowing that an alligator could be around my house.

“We have a small lake in our community – but I have not seen an alligator in our area.”