Terrifying machete incident involving bikers in broad daylight in London's Elephant and Castle

A bus passenger captured a terrifying scene in broad daylight in the Elephant and Castle area of London on Saturday 23 April. The incident happened at around 6pm near the local tube station. The filmer was on the number 1 bus, heading to Tottenham Court Road, about to reach bus stop A (Elephant and Castle/London Road) A man on a large motorbike was allegedly approached by two men on a smaller moped. It is not clear why although some have speculated it might have been an attempted motorbike theft. The filmer said the man with the larger bike wrestled a machete from the two men who approached him, and briefly ran away with it. The large bike (registration number LS63 EYW) was partially trapped under a car. The man in the black suit got out of his car to help and was not an attacker, the filmer confirmed to Newsflare, although he can be seen holding a machete. The two men on the smaller bike (registration number LX07 CVM) initially fled the scene, before returning, falling off their bike, getting back on and fleeing in the opposite direction. The back passenger had a hammer in his hand, the filmer said. She added: "The scene was tense. Everyone just stood and watched within very close proximity. There were people watching from every angle." "My bus driver was reporting via his intercom about the incident and once the route in front cleared, he continued on the journey and stopped just ahead, at Stop A." "We moved on from the scene so I am not sure of the events afterwards," she added.