Terrifying moment avalanche crashes down mountain in India

This is the terrifying moment avalanche crashed down from a mountain in India. Masses of snow were seen flowing from the rock formation’s edges while stunned hikers stopped following the trail to Mount Deo Tibba of Himachal Pradesh, the northern Indian state in the Himalayas on July 8. The ice did not progress into a snowball but icefall had reportedly gathered on the bottom of the mountain where the mass had been trickling down. Tour guide Manav Sharma said they had to stop their journey due to safety reasons when the avalanche happened as there could be more on the way. He said: ‘We were about to climb the mountain when the icefall happened. Fortunately, we had not reached that area yet. ‘We stopped briefly for a safety check so we could make sure that everything would be smooth when we hike to the peak.’ No one was reportedly hurt and the group continued their hike after taking a short break. They were able to reach the peak of the Himalayan mountain safely. An avalanche is a natural disaster that happens when a massive quantity of something comes suddenly such as snow, ice, soil, or rocks that come loose and speed down a mountain.

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