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  • Internet monitoring powers boosted
    Internet monitoring powers boosted 11 hours ago

    New laws will be introduced to boost the capacity of spies and police to monitor internet use in the fight against terrorism and serious crime. More »

  • Erdogan's war on critical media heats up ahead of Turkish election
    Erdogan's war on critical media heats up ahead of Turkish election 11 hours ago

    By Ayla Jean Yackley and Nick Tattersall ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A veteran U.S. journalist and author said on Wednesday President Tayyip Erdogan had blocked his honorary citizenship and declared him an enemy of the state, as the Turkish leader's war on critical media intensifies ahead of a June election. In what opponents see as part of a campaign to muzzle dissent, Erdogan has repeatedly berated news outlets including the New York Times and Turkish daily Hurriyet, while a prosecutor this month sought to shut two TV stations, seen as opposed to the government, on terrorism-related charges. Erdogan is constitutionally barred from party politics as head of state, but has been making podium speeches across Turkey ahead of the June 7 polls in the hope the ruling AK Party will win a big enough majority to hand him greater powers. More »

  • Sectarian strife biggest threat facing Muslims - Kuwait 13 hours ago

    Kuwait's emir, speaking days after an attack claimed by Islamic state killed 21 Shi'ites in neighbouring Saudi Arabia, said on Wednesday sectarian strife was the most serious threat facing Muslims and called for immediate action to tackle it. Speaking at the opening session of a meeting of foreign ministers of the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah said Muslim countries must work together to confront terrorism. "We must take a serious stand on the sectarian malady that has been shaking the structure of our nation and fragments it," the emir told foreign ministers and representatives from the 57-member OIC at its annual meeting. More »

  • Al-Qaida operative pleads guilty to terrorism charges 14 hours ago

    NEW YORK (AP) — An al-Qaida operative has pleaded guilty to terrorism charges. More »

  • China touts success of crackdown in restive Muslim region 17 hours ago

    BEIJING (AP) — China said Wednesday that it has foiled 181 terror plots since it started a crackdown a year ago on Islamic separatists in the northwestern region of Xinjiang that was prompted by a surge of violence that reached as far as Beijing. More »

  • Australia warns children of foreign fighters risk charges 22 hours ago

    CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — An Australian boy who was photographed holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier could reportedly return to Australia with his mother and siblings, prompting the prime minister to warn Wednesday that children as well as adults who break terrorism laws face prosecution. More »

  • Egypt sentences eight jihadists to death
    Egypt sentences eight jihadists to death Tue, May 26, 2015

    An Egyptian court Tuesday sentenced to death eight jihadists found guilty of acts of violence against the security forces and belonging to groups that incite "terrorism", a judicial official said. More »

  • Egyptian court sentences eight militants to death for army attack - sources Tue, May 26, 2015

    Judicial sources said the charges also included association with a "terrorist" organisation and weapons possession. The ruling, which can be appealed, followed the referral of the death sentence to the Grand Mufti, Egypt's highest Sunni Muslim authority. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi faces a growing Islamist insurgency based in the Sinai Peninsula adjoining Israel and the Gaza Strip. More »

  • Teenager in Austrian 'Playstation' terrorism case gets two years Tue, May 26, 2015

    A 14-year-old boy from Austria who downloaded bomb-making plans onto his Playstation games console was sentenced to a two-year jail term on Tuesday after pleading guilty to terrorism charges, a court spokeswoman said. As well as researching how to build a bomb, the boy made contact with militants supporting the Islamic State jihadist group in Syria, prosecutors said ahead of the trial. The boy, a Turkish national, will serve what remains of the eight-month custodial term in a juvenile detention centre, the spokeswoman for the regional court in Sankt Poelten said. More »

  • Austrian boy faces terrorism charges in 'Playstation' case Tue, May 26, 2015

    VIENNA (Reuters) - A 14-year-old Austrian boy will face charges on Tuesday of preparing to join militants in Syria and researching how to build a bomb, after downloading plans onto his Playstation games console, his lawyer said. The teenager, whose family comes from Turkey, faces up to five years in jail if the court in Sankt Poelten, the capital of Lower Austria, convicts him of supporting a terrorist organisation and planning an attack. ... More »

  • Australia to strip citizenship for terror links: PM
    Australia to strip citizenship for terror links: PM Tue, May 26, 2015

    Australia on Tuesday announced it will amend the law to strip dual nationals linked to terrorism of their citizenship for "betraying the country", but insisted no one would be left stateless. More »

  • Ukraine agents raid UniCredit in expanding terror probe
    Ukraine agents raid UniCredit in expanding terror probe Mon, May 25, 2015

    Ukrainian security agents on Monday seized documents from the Kiev branches of Italy's UniCredit bank as part of an anti-terror investigation linked to individuals with accounts in the European giant More »

  • Ukraine agents search UniCredit branches in terror probe
    Ukraine agents search UniCredit branches in terror probe Mon, May 25, 2015

    Ukrainian security agents on Monday seized documents from the Kiev branches of Italy's UniCredit bank as part of an anti-terror investigation linked to individuals with accounts in the European giant More »

  • Soldier Launches Deadly Attack On Comrades
    Soldier Launches Deadly Attack On Comrades Mon, May 25, 2015

    Another 10 soldiers were injured in the attack near the parliament building and a museum attacked by Islamic State militants earlier this year. It was not immediately clear what caused the shooting at the Bouchoucha barracks in Tunis, but the interior ministry said it did not appear to be a terrorist attack. Tunisian forces have been on alert since March when the Bardo museum in Tunis was attacked by Islamist gunmen who killed 22 people, mostly foreign tourists. More »

  • Tunisian soldier shot dead after killing seven in army base shooting spree
    Tunisian soldier shot dead after killing seven in army base shooting spree Mon, May 25, 2015

    By Tarek Amara TUNIS (Reuters) - A Tunisian soldier opened fire at a military base in the capital on Monday, killing seven colleagues and wounding 10 others before being shot dead himself, according to the army which said the shooter had "family problems". "According to what we know, he had some family problems, this is nothing to do with a terrorist attack." Two military helicopters hovered over the scene as police searched cars on the road to the base. Since its 2011 uprising against autocrat Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, Tunisia has been spared the worst chaos that neighbouring countries experienced after the "Arab Spring". More »

  • Indonesian police kill 2 suspected terrorists in shootout Mon, May 25, 2015

    JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia's anti-terrorism squad killed two suspects and arrested seven others in raids on a jihadist organization with possible links to the Islamic State group, police said Monday. More »

  • Army chiefs plan for proposed joint Arab force in Mideast Mon, May 25, 2015

    CAIRO (AP) — Arab army chiefs of staff have drawn up a plan for a new Arab joint force to intervene in the Mideast to combat terrorism, amid differences between them on where to put the force's headquarters. More »

  • Indonesia's military creeps back into civilian affairs
    Indonesia's military creeps back into civilian affairs Mon, May 25, 2015

    By Kanupriya Kapoor and Randy Fabi JAKARTA (Reuters) - Nearly two decades after Indonesia's military was squeezed out of civilian affairs with the downfall of strongman leader Suharto, President Joko Widodo is drawing the army more closely into his wars on drugs, terrorism, and corruption. Palace and military officials say Widodo's move is partly designed to counterbalance senior police officers who have crossed swords with him and who, critics say, are trying to undermine the agency leading the campaign against graft. The police acknowledges "problems" in its relationship with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), but says it is working with the agency to tackle graft. More »

  • Monday's National Newspaper Front Pages
  • China clamps down on 181 "terror gangs" in west Mon, May 25, 2015

    China has cracked down on 181 "terror gangs" in its restive far western region of Xinjiang, which has suffered a string of violent attacks, state media reported on Monday. Resource-rich Xinjiang, strategically located on the borders of central Asia, plays a crucial rule in helping China meet its growing energy needs. The campaign kicked off after 39 people were killed in a suicide bombing at a market in the regional capital of Urumqi last May, official news agency Xinhua said, citing data from the regional committee of the ruling Communist Party. More »

  • Saudi king vows to punish those behind IS-claimed attack
    Saudi king vows to punish those behind IS-claimed attack Sun, May 24, 2015

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Saudi Arabia's king on Sunday vowed to punish those responsible for a rare suicide bombing that killed 21 people at a Shiite mosque in the country's east, calling it a "heinous terrorist attack" that runs against Islamic and human values. More »

  • Saudi Interior Ministry says mosque bomber belonged to Islamic State Sat, May 23, 2015

    DUBAI (Reuters) - The suicide bomber who killed 21 worshippers in a Shi'ite mosque on Friday was a wanted Islamic State militant, the kingdom's Interior Ministry said on Saturday. "Abdul Rahman Saleh Qashimi was wanted by the security authorities for belonging to a terrorist cell, which received guidance from the Islamic State terrorist organisation abroad. It was exposed late last month and 26 of its members have been arrested to date," the ministry said in a statement. (Reporting By Ali Abdelatti and Noah Browning; Editing by Alison Williams) More »

  • Inside Palmyra: IS Video Shows Group's Takeover
    Inside Palmyra: IS Video Shows Group's Takeover Sat, May 23, 2015

    A video posted on a militant website has shown Islamic State fighters arriving at the Syrian city of Palmyra, after the terrorist group took control of it earlier this week. The fighters are shown driving under a road sign with directions to Palmyra, Iraq, and Syria's capital Damascus, before passing dozens of abandoned and ruined houses. One of the militants shouts in Arabic: "Islamic State" with the residents responding: "Will stay". More »

  • Sun Reporter Guilty Of Paying Cop For Stories
    Sun Reporter Guilty Of Paying Cop For Stories Fri, May 22, 2015

    A Sun journalist has been found guilty after paying a police officer more than £22,000 for story tips as part of a "corrupt relationship". Crime reporter Anthony France, 41, paid the money to PC Timothy Edwards for 38 stories and snippets of information. France fostered a "corrupt relationship" over four years with the counter-terrorism officer, the Old Bailey heard. More »

  • Ethiopia's ruling party touts growth before vote, critics say freedoms  …
    Ethiopia's ruling party touts growth before vote, critics say freedoms  … Fri, May 22, 2015

    By Aaron Maasho and Drazen Jorgic ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopians vote on Sunday in an election likely to hand another sweeping victory to the ruling party, which boasts of delivering one of the fastest growing economies in Africa though opponents say it has crushed dissent at the same time. The Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has been in power since 1991, during which time the nation that was shattered by communist purges in the 1970s and a 1980s famine has drawn increasing foreign investor interest. "Our past was bleak but the country has turned around its fortunes," retired teacher Dawit Haileselassie said at an EPRDF rally in Addis Ababa this week where thousands gathered, close to a memorial museum to the victims of "Red Terror" purges. More »

  • UN says Hungarian questionnaire risks spreading xenophobia Fri, May 22, 2015

    BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The United Nations human rights watchdog said Friday it was "shocked" by a Hungarian government questionnaire which links migration with terrorism, fearing it could bolster anti-immigration sentiments. More »

  • U.N. office outraged by 'biased' Hungarian survey on migration Fri, May 22, 2015

    By Tom Miles GENEVA (Reuters) - Hungary's survey of its citizens' views on immigration is "extremely biased" and "absolutely shocking" because of questions that suggest a link between migrants and terrorism, the U.N. human rights office said on Friday. Prime Minister Viktor Orban launched the consultation last month to sound out the public, sending a questionnaire to every Hungarian adult. Cecile Pouilly, a spokeswoman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, said there was no reason to assume that migrants looking for a better job or seeking asylum had anything to do with terrorism. More »

  • Kenya says it repelled Al Shabab militants in town north of Garissa Fri, May 22, 2015

    It took place in Yumbis, about 40 miles north of Garissa, where the deadliest terrorist attack on Kenyan soil occurred in early April. Masked militants rounded up villagers on Thursday, leaving only after placing black flags across the village, a resident told Al Jazeera. The militants were looking for non-Muslims, the resident said. More »

  • Turkish police swoop on Erdogan foes, dozens detained Fri, May 22, 2015

    By Daren Butler ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkish police launched an operation on Friday to detain dozens of people including businessmen seen as supporters of U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, President Tayyip Erdogan's ally-turned-foe, a provincial governor's office said. Moves against what Erdogan calls a parallel structure or terrorist group within the state had until now focused on suspected Gulen sympathisers in the police, judiciary, media and a bank founded by his followers. Erdogan, seeking overwhelming support for the AK Party he founded at June elections which he hopes will pave the way for broader presidential powers, accuses Gulen of among other things engineering a graft scandal to discredit and unseat him. More »

  • FBI arrests two suspected IS recruits in California - NBC News Fri, May 22, 2015

    (Reuters) - The FBI has arrested two men in southern California, one at Los Angeles International Airport, suspected of attempting to travel abroad to join Islamic State, NBC News reported on Thursday. NBC, which cited anonymous law enforcement officials, said the two men were unarmed and never posed any threat to the public. The other man was arrested in Orange County. FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller confirmed to Reuters that two men in those locations had been arrested following a joint terrorism task force investigation, but said further details could not be provided until charges were ... More »

  • Domestic surveillance powers in peril as U.S. Congress fights
    Domestic surveillance powers in peril as U.S. Congress fights Thu, May 21, 2015

    By Patricia Zengerle and Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The future of the U.S. government's power to spy on Americans' phone calls and finances was up in the air on Thursday as Congress fought over proposed reforms, with no clear outcome in sight. Experts disagreed on how counter-terrorism efforts could be affected if the U.S. Senate failed to prevent the looming June 1 expiration of key portions of the USA Patriot Act, which was approved after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. Views were also mixed on an alternative scenario of the Senate approving a reform measure known as the USA Freedom Act. More »

  • Terror suspect wanted in US wins Irish case, walks free
    Terror suspect wanted in US wins Irish case, walks free Thu, May 21, 2015

    DUBLIN (AP) — An Algerian-born terror suspect wanted in the United States walked free from a Dublin court Thursday after five years behind bars and a two-year legal battle against extradition. More »

  • Europe migrant terror threat overblown: experts
    Europe migrant terror threat overblown: experts Thu, May 21, 2015

    The arrest in Italy of a terror suspect posing as a boat migrant has fuelled nightmare scenarios of jihadist infiltration of Europe, but experts say the threat is overblown and attacks by homegrown extremists are more likely. More »

  • Germany charges 2 alleged members of Islamic State group Thu, May 21, 2015

    BERLIN (AP) — German prosecutors say they have filed terror charges against two men they say are members of the Islamic State group who traveled to Syria via Turkey in May 2014. More »

  • Which cities are most at risk of a terror attack? Thu, May 21, 2015

    What is the likeliest place on earth for a terrorist attack? Baghdad, according to a new report that has ranked world cities according to their attack risk. Over the last six years, Iraq's capital suffered a stunning 380 terrorist attacks which claimed 1,141 lives, making it the deadliest city in the world, by terror attacks, according to global risk analysis firm Verisk Maplecroft. Verisk Maplecroft analyzed 1,300 of the world’s urban centers and ranked them based on the intensity and frequency of attacks in the past six years. More »