Terry Christian clashes with Tory MP Mark Francois on GMB after calling Brexit voters ‘pitiable saps’

Jacob Stolworthy

Terry Christian flew into a tirade during a Brexit debate on Good Morning Britain as he was forced to defend having labelled people who voted to leave the EU “pitiable saps”​.

The TV figure was invited onto the ITV programme alongside Conservative politician Mark Francois, and soon caused a scene by continually yelling over both hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan.

“Terry, we’ve heard enough!” Reid shouted at one point as the programme descended into a furious shouting match.

Morgan grilled Christian about the tweet in which he said Leavers “deserve” to lose their jobs once Britain leaves the EU.

“Brexiteers deserve all the job losses and hardship heading their way and their families way,” he wrote in the now-deleted post earlier this week. “All those tough Christmases ahead for their kids, all their short-term pain. But I will get behind it in future by buying a Big Issue off the pitiable saps.”

He defended the post and claimed he had deleted it because “the people who sell the Big Issue aren’t pitiable saps”. He added: “But people who, despite all the evidence, have voted to make their own lives and everyone else’s harder, are.”

Francois, an arch-Brexiteer and cheerleader for the failed bid to have Big Ben chime on Brexit day, called Christian a “living embodiment of why people voted to leave the EU”.

Christian’s appearance was met with derision by viewers with many confused as to why he had been elected to be a spokesman for the Remain campaign.

One tweeted: “It’s just occurred to me that maybe Terry Christian was invited to appear on GMB today to purposely embarrass the Remain view point.

“The producers knew that he was likely to kick off and not give the others on the show a chance.”

Another accused Good Morning Britain’s producers of “existing as a knee-jerk to Twitter”, adding sarcastically: “Everybody knows that Terry Christian is the official spokesman for all those in the UK who voted Remain – that’s why you invited him. Nothing to do with wanting to roast the plonker about an angry tweet.”

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