Tesco Customer’s Mouldy Pizza Sparks Entertaining Twitter Exchange


A disgruntled Tesco customer wasn’t best pleased when he opened his newly purchased pizza and found it covered in mould.

The unhappy shopper promptly captured the unsightly scene on camera and posted the picture on Tesco’s Twitter page, writing: “@Tesco ?????? Opened my pizza base to this.”

The mouldy base looked so grim, pizza purchaser Luke Mitchell expected the picture to speak for itself.

It seems that the Tesco staff member on Twitter feed duty didn’t have her specs on however, replying: “I’m sorry to ask, but what seems to be the problem with this product, please? Kind regards - Linda.”

Luke’s blunt response - “Linda do you f***ing have eyes” - had people chortling all over Twitter, and has already racked up more than 1,500 likes in 24 hours.


Sean Spooner said: “Who needs 10,000 characters when Twitter produces this gold in 140?”

Natasha thought Luke could have been kinder to Linda however, saying he was “a bit rude”.


Tesco got to grips with the complaint eventually, asking Luke to send them all the info so they could get to the bottom of what happened and provide him with a refund.

No further word from Linda on this, however.

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