Tesco issues important message to shoppers who buy mashed potato

Sales of fresh mashed potato have seen a significant increase, with Tesco selling an additional one million packs last year. This surge in demand has prompted supplier Branston to open a new factory.

The supermarket attributes the popularity of this product to customers returning to work post-pandemic and having less time to prepare their own meals. The cost-of-living crisis has also played a role, as mashed potato is viewed as a budget-friendly, comforting dish.

While regular chilled mash remains the most popular variety, demand for sweet potato mash more than doubled in 2023. Tesco is collaborating with Branston to develop new gourmet recipes and enhance existing ones, such as parsnip mash.

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The supplier's new facility, located near Lincoln, has created 80 jobs. Tesco Buying Manager Alex Edwards expressed excitement about the news, stating: "Britain's millions of mash fans should be very excited by the news as our chefs have worked with Branston to excite existing recipes. We're planning to take the mash-eating experience to the next level."

Jim Windle from Branston added: "We are proud to elevate one of Britain's best-loved foods. Mash is one of Britain's favourite comfort foods that needed a 21st-century makeover to delight and inspire customers across the new range."