Tesco promotes 'half-price' Mother's Day chocolates - which are 35p more expensive than full price

Simon Garner
Yahoo! News UK
Tesco's confusing 'half price' label

Shoppers have been left confused after blundering supermarket bosses advertised a bizarre half price offer - where customers appear to be charged more than the original price.

Customers were baffled by the Mother's Day offer - which screamed that a small box of Thornton's chocolates had its price slashed by 50 per cent.

But underneath the sign, in Tesco Express at the Mailbox, in Birmingham city centre, shoppers were told that the previous price of the chocolates was £7 - but the new price was £7.35.

A Tesco spokesperson said: "This was a labelling error, which we are taking steps to correct as soon as possible. Any customers treating their mums to these chocolates will still pay half price, which is £3.50,  and we're sorry for any confusion caused."