Tesco rolls out change for online shoppers affecting 9,000 products

Tesco has launched Tesco Marketplace, which has around 9,000 products for sale from third-party sellers. The move from Tesco - affecting online shoppers across the country - impacts areas including DIY, toys, gardening and pet care.

Marketplace director at Tesco, Peter Filcek, said: “We were looking at customer searches on our websites and we found things that we just don’t carry in Tesco [stores] or online, and so that prompted a stream of thinking around what we could do to open up that range, to give customers what they’re looking for because they were genuinely looking for all sorts of things.”

Mr Filcek added: "We want to go big enough that we are a destination. But not so big that [shoppers] end up tripping over irrelevant stuff and it becomes a problem and gets in their way." The supermarket said the addition of a marketplace will make Tesco.com “a one-stop shop for everything customers need”.

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It has launched the platform with 9,000 products listed across DIY, garden, homeware, pet care and toys. It has launched with 17 sellers including Diegeo, Silentnight, Tefal, Tommee Tippee and Online Home Shop, the UK's biggest grocer has confirmed.

Tesco, which is rivalled by Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and more, previously has its own online marketplace. In 2006, the retailer launched Tesco Direct, a service which offered non-food items on its website. It was up and running until 2018, when it ceased trading as Tesco was unable to find a way to make it profitable.

Mr Filcek said of the new marketplace today, during a chat with the Grocer: “We’re now able to meet really quantified customer demand in a way that we could never mobilise a retail supply chain to do. So we’ll go where the customers tell us to go, where the opportunities are."