Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda drivers warned 'petrol-saving' tactic is 'actually deadly'

Drivers have been warned a widespread "petrol-saving" hack is actually DEADLY. Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's motorists are being urged on TikTok by content creators to tailgate fellow road users and motorists in a bid to save fuel.

But motorhome expert Nick Roach, from JustGo, has deemed the trend "extremely risky". Graham Conway, Managing Director of Select Car Leasing, has warned of the dangerous consequences this fuel-saving method can have too.

He said: “The fuel-saving hack is wholly irresponsible and incredibly dangerous - not just for the driver doing it but for all road users. The ‘hack’ involves tailgating large vehicles, such as lorries or coaches, to create a slipstream in order to reduce drag on your own vehicle.

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“In this slipstreaming scenario, the larger vehicle in front performs the task of pushing the head-on air out of the way, and then reduces the relative speed of the air the tailgating car is travelling through. And it means the tailgating car requires less power to stay at the same speed as the vehicle ahead of it.

“The idea is that the closer you tailgate, the more fuel you’ll save. But the dangers here should be all too obvious.” It is a commonly used technique in motorsports and even in cycling. It is used by some drivers who engage in “hypermiling”, but many experts tell drivers to be extremely safe or to avoid it altogether.

Some drivers who do try slipstreaming may do so behind lorries and heavy goods vehicles, which can be even more dangerous. Mr Conway continued, saying: “If the vehicle in front has to stop suddenly, you’re looking at a potentially life-threatening situation, where a collision could result in collateral damage impacting many different road users.

“However pricey fuel might be right now, this so-called ‘advice’ should never, ever be followed. Please do not try and perform this ‘fuel saving hack’ under any circumstances.”