Tesco shares life-changing hack to store leftover wine

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Our household budgets have been stretched thin over the past year, leading many of us to devise innovative ways to minimise wastage and stretch our groceries further. But while we're savvy about utilising every last morsel from our food shop, how often do we consider our leftover libations?

Have you ever found yourself unable to finish a bottle of vino after an evening of food and chill?

In accordance with NHS UK's advisory limit, we shouldn't be consuming no more than 14 units of alcohol per week - this is equivalent to six medium glasses of wine distributed across three days. So, it's likely that an unfinished bottle or two languishes in your fridge.

For those grappling with this problem, supermarket giant Tesco has issued some handy guidance. If you frequently can't resist to the temptation of sinking a glass of something nice but can't quite polish off the entire bottle, then you may need to pay attention.

You can decant the remaining liquid into ice-cube trays or, for larger volumes, a freezer bag. Do ensure, however, not to freeze whatever remains in the bottle directly, reports the Express.

The frozen wine cubes can then be plucked out and added to recipes as and when required. Tesco suggests that an extra dash of wine frozen in this method could add a flavoursome kick to gravy, deepen the taste of a Bolognese with red wine, or impart a lovely flavour to risottos with white wine.

Tesco advocated the freezing of other items too, such as bananas and avocados, to extend their usable lifespan. Tesco Campaigns Manager Courtney Pallett reminded customers: "Your freezer is your friend when it comes to reducing food waste and avoiding throwing food away.

"Most of the foods that often end up in the bin such as bananas and avocados can be saved by freezing them to use later."

Fancy giving this wine trick a go, or have you got any other top tips for freezing food?

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