Tesco shoppers urge 'explain yourselves' over lunchtime Meal Deal rules

Tesco shoppers have spotted a change to its Meal Deal lunchtime offer - with some joking it is "wild" and "offensive". Shoppers at Tesco have spoken out after tubs of fruit were promoted as a main, rather than a snack, meaning they are treated like a sandwich, salad or wrap.

"Tesco, do you care to explain yourselves?" one Twitter/X user said. "Because while fruit is healthy for you in many ways, it is not nutritionally a main source of food an average person needs." Another said: "Fruit pot as a main, bring the General Election forwards."

“The bigger fruit pots are more tasty and filling than the sandwiches lowkey," another said. And another echoed: “This has been a thing for a while and they‘re larger than the snack fruit pots so it‘s actually good to me as long as they keep scotch eggs and pasties as a snack.. some elite combos for those with eyes to see.”

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Another said: “To be fair, if you got this, apples as the snack and a fruit smoothie as your drink. That’s basically your 5 a day for £3.40. Not too bad.” Tesco explained that smaller packs of fruit can still be purchased as snacks and reiterated there are more than 10 million meal deal combinations, meaning there's something for everyone.

Fruit pots were introduced after feedback from customers highlighted that they wanted more breakfast-appropriate meal deal options. Tesco said in a tweet: "Good afternoon, Thank you for getting in touch. All of our meal deals and what can be purchased as part of the meal can be found on our website.

"Your feedback will be passed onto the relevant team regarding your concerns of the fruit as a main. Ty- Nina." Tom Quinn, director of external affairs at Beat Eating Disorders, said: "We're concerned that advertising fruit as a main meal could encourage people who are unwell to limit their food intake, which could worsen harmful behaviours and thoughts."