Tesla's market value hits $160 billion, stock price soars to $968

uk.info@motor1.com (Mark Kane)
Tesla Model X First Drive

That's well above Volkswagen and BMW combined.

Something exceptional has been happening with Tesla's stock price in recent days, as the prices keep surging to levels as high as $968.

The current price is $887, which is $107 or almost 14% more than a day earlier ($780 after a 20% increase).


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Teslarati noted that at $780 per share, the carmaker’s valuation hit $140 billion, exceeding Volkswagen (close to $91 billion) and BMW (almost $46 billion) combined (over $136.5 billion).

At the moment, the price of $887 translates to a market cap of $160 billion and it might not be the end. General Motors ($49.4 billion) and Ford ($36.6 billion) together were at $86 billion.

At some point the market valuation might be so high that Tesla will be tempted to acquire some serious players (suppliers for example) through a merger.


We are not sure what to expect tomorrow - one more surge to $1,000, a major collapse or maybe it will not change much - but at least for now, it seems that Tesla is learning to fly like SpaceX's rockets.