Tesla Model S Plaid sets production EV record at the Nurburgring

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The Tesla Model S Plaid has set a new fastest lap time for a production electric car at the Nurburgring, according to a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The tweet shows the Plaid’s time around the infamous ‘Green Hell’, showing that it lapped the 12.8-mile circuit in 7 minutes 30.909 seconds.

Averaging 103mph, this time eclipsed the previous quickest EV lap time – set by the Porsche Taycan Turbo in 2019 – by 12 seconds.

Musk said that the car was ‘completely unmodified’ though he added that another modified Plaid with ‘added aero surfaces, carbon brakes & track tires [sic]’ would also be used in an effort to cut the car’s lap time even further.

The Plaid is a high-performance version of Tesla’s Model S – its largest saloon car. Equipped with three electric motors and capable of achieving the 0-60mph sprint in ‘under 2 secs’ according to Musk.

A more powerful version – badged Plaid+ – was penned to bring 1,100bhp but has officially been cancelled, with Musk stating that “Plaid+ is canceled [sic]. No need, as Plaid is so good” in a tweet sent out in July.