Tesla Seen Ablaze in Rennes During Protests Against Pension Reform

Police in Rennes blamed a “minority” of masked individuals on the fringes of anti-pension reform protests in the city on January 19 for acts of “vandalism” that included the burning of a Tesla and smashing of shop fronts.

The video was recorded by journalist Ewen Bazin, and shows the car burning as the demonstration marches past on the Boulevard de la Liberte.

“Some of them noticed the Tesla and decided to break the windows and burst the tires,” Bazin said, “then someone threw a smoke bomb and the car just caught on fire.”

“Violence even got physical, and there were altercations with law enforcement,” he said.

Staff of the nearby market attempted to put the fire out, but were unsuccessful.

Police said 17,000 marched mostly peacefully in Rennes, after unions called strikes and asked for “mobilizations” against the French government’s proposed pension reforms, which would raise the retirement age for most from 62 to 64. In Paris, at least 38 people were arrested after clashes involving police. Credit: Ewen Bazin via Storyful

Video transcript