Tested: Yahoo's new weather app adds Flickr for visual impact

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Yahoo's new weather app launched today

Yahoo! has updated its Weather app for iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch - adding images from Flickr and an innovative tilt control to stand out from the glut of weather apps on iPhone.

Flickr helps the Yahoo! Weather app show you what to expect from the day rather than just tell you.

Tapping into photos representing your local conditions, users will get the same forecast they’re used to, along with something altogether richer.

With a library of photos from all corners of the world, Yahoo! Weather will give you a sneak preview of the holiday you’ve booked, the weather back home or that destination you’ve always wanted to visit.

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Your compatible iDevice also packs a gyroscope that can tell when you tilt it from side to side. Why does that matter? Because Yahoo Weather doesn’t just deliver one lonely picture. Any given environment presents a curated gallery, a postcard stack of rich images that can turn a grey sky into something altogether beautiful.

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Tilt your device to scroll through these, making for a swipe free slideshow.

Standard weather information you’re familiar with accessing through Yahoo! Weather is still there, it’s just that bit richer, that bit more interactive.

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Yahoo! has also opened up its ‘Project Weather’ flickr group for keen contributors.

For more details, check out flickr.com/projectweather and if you want to download the app, just hop over to the App Store.

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