Texas Neighbors Rescue Deer Stuck Atop Fence

Neighbors rescued a deer trapped on a fence between two backyards in Sienna Plantation, Texas.

This video taken by Ruthie Linsenbardt, who said she filmed it on March 7, shows the animal hanging from the top of the fence before being pushed to freedom.

Marco Rangel, Linsenbardt’s neighbor, said on Facebook he had assisted in the rescue, with UPI reporting Rangel used a folding chair to push the deer’s hind legs over the fence. Credit: Ruthie Linsenbardt via Storyful

Video transcript

RUTHIE LINSENBARDT: It kind of looks like it rubbed him, but I don't see like a lot of blood or anything. Poor thing. Ugh. - [INAUDIBLE]. RUTHIE LINSENBARDT: OK Oh, good. He's running towards my fence. I hope. Oh, dear, where he'd go? Where'd you go, deer? Oh, crap. I don't know wh--