Texas Parking Lot Turns Hitchcockian as Birds Swarm

Birds swarmed over a Texas parking lot on January 8, perching on the cars in a scene worthy of Alfred Hitchcock.

The unnerving sight was captured by Kenna Mitchell outside the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco.

The footage shows birds perched atop parked cars, while others circle above in the foggy evening sky.

“We went to Stonebriar Mall just after dusk and the entrance by the Cheesecake Factory was overrun with thousands of birds,” she told Storyful.

“These grackles were perched on cars, in the trees, and swarms were everywhere you looked. Other people in the lot were just amazed at the sheer number of birds,” Mitchell said.

“Very loud and very gross, but still quite a site to see! Definitely in need of a car wash now!” she added. Credit: Kenna Mitchell via Storyful

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