Texas school shooting: Damning report condemns 'system failures' in response to Uvalde massacre

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A damning new report into the Uvalde massacre has condemned the "chaos" and "systemic failures" in the response of both law enforcement and the school.

High school dropout Salvador Ramos killed 21 people, including 19 children, at Robb Elementary School in Texas on 24 May.

Police officers have already been roundly criticised for their response, after it was revealed it had taken more than an hour for them to bring down 18-year-old Ramos.

But on Sunday, a 77-page report showed there had been errors on multiple sides.

According to CNN, which saw a copy of the report before its planned publication time, blame rested on almost every agency who attended.

The media outlet said the report highlighted "systemic failures" and "ultimately poor decision-making" from officers both inside and outside the school.

There was no overall command and a lack of unity in decision-making, "chaos," and no overall incident command.

And it also singled out the school for errors - it said security doors weren't properly locked and some "active shooter" protocols weren't followed.

There was a general "lackadaisical approach", it said.

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A Texas House investigative committee had been asked to look into the incident.

Around 40 people testified behind closed doors, including members of the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District police chief and officers, the district superintendent, the school's principal, a teacher and custodial staff.

Almost 400 law enforcement officials had been on site by the end of the shooting, including 149 border patrol agents, 91 state troopers, 25 Uvalde police offices, US Marshals and Drug Enforcement Agency staff.

A teacher who survived the school shooting has said he will never forgive the police for taking over an hour to enter his classroom after the gunman first opened fire.

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