Texas Woman Accidentally Breaks 'Celebratory Bell' After Finishing Cancer Treatment

A Texas woman was so excited to finish her last round of radiation for breast cancer that she rang the clinic’s “celebration bell” until it broke, video from July 15 shows.

This video shows Darla Jaye enthusiastically ringing the bell at Smith Clinic in Houston until its tassel suddenly rips off and Jaye doubles over with laughter.

“I broke the bell! That’s fantastic,” Jay said in the video.

Harris Health System shared the video across social media and quoted Jaye as saying, "I’ve looked forward to this day since February. I was scared to death, but you guys saved my life!”

Cancer patients ring the bell when they’ve reached certain milestones in their treatment, a Harris Health System spokesman said.

Harris Health System tweeted a photo on Wednesday of the repaired bell, adding that it was “ready for the next patient.” Credit: Harris Health System via Storyful