Texas Woman Says Parents' Cremation Ashes Stolen From Front Yard

A woman in Austin, Texas, said several ornaments were taken from her front lawn in the early hours of May 11 – two of which contained the cremation ashes of her parents.

Gail Hines told Storyful that after her parents died one week apart from COVID-19 in 2020, she placed their ashes in individual gazing balls among several on her front lawn.

Hines said her father loved the outdoors, and so his were placed inside an ornament with an autumn-colored mosaic. Her mother’s mosaic was shaded in purple and red, to represent her love for the Red Hat Society.

Hines said: “Although he stole over $500 worth of yard art, I only want my parents back.”

Hines shared her story with local media, and invited locals with any tips that might help her track the missing ornaments to email her. Credit: Gail Hines via Storyful

Video transcript


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