TfL's Stratford station 'Hype Man' tells how he puts a smile on commuters' faces every morning

Alexandra Richards

" I just like putting a smile on people's faces."

Those are the words of 33-year-old David Cohen, who is also known as the Stratford station "hype man" on social media.

The TfL employee has gained a reputation as being the friendliest man on the Tube after commuters hailed his upbeat announcements over the platform speakers.

Mr Cohen has been working for TfL for 11 years. During that time, he has held a number of positions within the company and currently works as a Customer Services Supervisor.

Commuters have hailed David Cohen for his upbeat announcements on the platform

He has become an unlikely local celebrity amongst commuters at Stratford station for his daily weather predictions and morning updates from the Love Island Villa and the World Cup.

Commuters have deemed Mr Cohen a "legend" for improving their journeys to work.

Rawnie Calley said: "Not only does he do the usual stand behind the yellow line spiel, ‘to be fine stay behind the yellow line’ he also does weekend countdowns, weather commentary and is just generally so upbeat.

"He wishes everyone good days and good weekends and says things like 'if you’re having a bad day I really hope it gets better, stay positive, stay upbeat.'

"He does a whole thing of waving off the tube as it leaves the platform too which is sweet."

Despite providing customers with lighthearted conversation in the Morning, Mr Cohen said ultimately it is their safety that is his main concern.

"I really enjoy engaging with customers," he told the Standard.

"We're all human at the end of the day and I like to capture people's attention so that then maybe they will listen to my safety announcements which is the main message after all."

Mr Cohen has devised a point system to encourage commuters to stand behind the yellow line.

"I give people 10 points for being safe. On a Friday I'll tell them 'If you've kept yourself safe all week you have got yourself 50 points so go and reward yourselves over the weekend,'" he said.

David Cohen said he just

Laura Copestake who recently moved to London said Mr Cohen makes her journey's more bearable.

"Every day he'll say things like 'keep it fine and stand behind that yellow line' and award everyone with 10 points for doing so.

"It's little things like that that make the morning commute bearable.

"I describe him to my friends as the Stratford station 'Hype Man' because he gives us that motivation to get on the tube," she said.

Mr Cohen said he has found the positive response to his announcements "overwhelming."

"I have regulars who come over and say hello to me and say how much I make them smile," he said.

"I see the same people every day and my goal is to send them on their journey on a positive note."

Michelle Merrit from East Village said Mr Cohen was an example of London at its best.

"It's someone realising that commuters will appreciate some banter and positive comments on their dull and boring daily commute.

"He makes people smile and unbelievably even sparks light hearted conversation between commuters about him.

"He’s a credit to TFL and long may he stay at Stratford Central line platform," she said.