TfL Tube passengers reveal biggest gripes about tourists in London: 'Selfie sticks are annoying'

Eleanor Rose
Tube passengers advised the curious tourist not to lean against the pole

Londoners have revealed their biggest gripes about travelling on the Tube with tourists including selfie-taking and stopping abruptly by Tube exits.

A man posted a tentative question to Reddit asking if it was "frowned upon" to make a short call while travelling on the London Underground.

Commuters piled onto the forum to give their sage advice and reveal what annoys them on the most about visitors on the Tube.

"Tube etiquette for a visitor? Can you make a short call or is that frowned upon?," the Reddit user had asked.

One man replied: "If you're a visitor you're probably staying Central which means the Tube is underground. No mobile coverage - wait until the surface."

Another advised: "Say for example you are at Whitechapel or Stratford (i.e overground), yes you can do it.

"Just don't be annoying e.g talking really loudly, talking about how your date last night went."

Another person's advice was: "Make your call by all means but have your card ready at the barriers!"

Others began to talk about tube etiquette in general, with one writing: "Contactless is king and keeps things moving quick."

"Don't lean on the pole," urged another person, reflecting a common gripe by commuters on the London Underground.

The Standard has reported before on travellers' annoyance at the pole not being available for them to hold onto.

Yet another person said: "Don’t go on in rush hour with bags or cases."

One man wrote: "Selfie sticks are annoying but if you're going to use one just be self aware to make sure you're not in anyone's way."

Londoners have been shown to feel strongly about Tube etiquette.

The fresh set of advice comes after commuters were pictured politely forming an orderly queue in a display of impeccable British manners at Canary Wharf Underground station.

A delighted Tube commuter posted the image to Reddit under the caption: "British queueing success at Canary Wharf."