Thai cook wears Kim Kardashian outfit to attract customers to noodle stall

A curvy Thai cook wears a Kim Kardashian-inspired outfit to attract customers to her noodle stall. The attractive chef Baitoey Kanyapat, 37, started wearing the skin-tight body suit based on Kim Kardashian's bizarre black Balenciaga outfit at the Met Gala in 2021. Inspired by the bold fashion statement, Baitoey decided to show off her toned body while slaving over the stoves of her noodle restaurant in Bangkok.The daring marketing tactic worked as customers flocked to try her dishes and she made more than two million THB (roughly 46,200 GBP) in sales in just one month - staving off financial struggles caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Proud Baitoey said: 'I started wearing the Kim K outfit at my noodle shop after seeing how popular it was online. More customers showed up at my shop when they heard about me.'Some people complain about my showy outfit, but I don't care. I like dressing up. If I don't dress up for a day, I don't feel motivated to do anything.'The American socialite turned heads at the celebrity gathering last year for wearing a controversial blackout gown that covered her entire body and face.She started wearing even more bizarre outfits such as the Spider Woman bodysuit and the Elsa gown from the Disney animated film Frozen - all while cooking food and serving her customers. This year, Kim wore the iconic $5 million gown used by blonde actress Maralyn Monroe in which she sang Happy Birthday to President John F Kennedy in 1962.

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