Thai couple get married in underwater ceremony for Valentine's Day

A couple get married in an underwater wedding on Valentine's Day in Trang, southern Thailand, this morning (February 14).

The annual event sees locals and foreigners tie the knot between February 13 and February 15.

This year, there are 11 marriages that have taken place so far in picturesque surroundings in the Andaman See off the west coast of Thailand.

In the video, the woman wears a traditional white dress and the man has a grey suit. They both use scuba diving gear to go down high metres before filling out the marriage forms with a registrar sitting at a desk.

The annual festival is a three-day Valentine's Day celebration. Newly wedding couples also participate in Buddhist activities for luck and blessings on the day of love.

In 1996, the event was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the biggest underwater wedding in the world.

Pichai Manasuth, Chairman of Trang Chamber of Commerce said that this ceremony had been held for 24 years since 1996.

He said: ''The underwater wedding event has become of the best known marriage ceremonies in the world. People come from all around Thailand and the rest of the world to take part.

''This year, the brides and grooms are all delighted with the truly memorable days.''