Thai fish breeder loses livelihood after severe drought died out pool

A local fisherman has lost his livelihood due to the severe drought that dried up most of his fish pool.

Sakda Wongsueb owns the land where he dug 30 pools for fish breeding and sell them for living in Phayao, northern Thailand.

However, his business is now stuck due to the severe drought that has depleted the water supplies and killed his fish.

Footage from Sunday (01/02) shows how his fish pools have dried up after the rain has ceased for several months.

Sakda said his business is now facing closure because he can no longer breed the fish.

He said: "I have a total 30 fish pool and usually sell over 12 tons of fishes a year but the drought has caused most of my pools to dry out and I have to had to sell as many fish as possible at a loss before they die. Many have perished.

"I have faced the drought period before but there was none as bad as this year. I have stored some water but it will not be enough to survive the drought.

"The water I have reserved is barely sufficient to last until April, so my business will have to close unless something changes.''