Thai locals say 'angry god' caused 50-year-old tree to fall onto cars

A large 50-year tree caused chaos today (March 20) after falling down onto cars - with locals believing the ghost of an angry ''tree god'' to be responsible.

The 20-metre-high hopea odorata tree plunged onto vehicles behind police accommodation flats in Pattaya, Thailand, this afternoon. Four electricity poles were also dragged down after the accident.

Superstitious local Noi Buathong (speaking in the clip), who runs the Lalita massage shop next to where the tree fell, said her staff had dreamed the night before that a tree would fall down and told her to move her car.

She said: ''My staff came in yesterday and said they had a dream in which an old lady the tree god Takian, said one of the trees would fall down. The tree god was angry.

''They said we should move away from the area, so I moved my car to another place and it wasn't hit. Today it fell. I'm sure the dream was a premonition from spirits.''

The area was closed off and electricity supplies cut while local police officers worked with volunteers to cut away the tree and remove it.