Thai police force locals caught without face masks to do push-ups

This is the bizarre moment Thai police forced locals caught without masks to do push-ups as punishment. Assistant district chief officer Anawin Kaewnamchai patrolled a village after the COVID-19 restrictions were tightened in Nonthaburi province, Thailand on April 24. While they were going around the residential area, they caught three motorcycle taxi riders playing a game of marbles without wearing masks. The violators were reprimanded but instead of charging them with a fine of up to 20,000 baht (£459 GBP), the officer asked them to do 10 sets of push-ups. Chief Anawin said he wanted to warn the people first by making them do the exercise punishment so that they could serve as an example to others. He said: "We could have fined them but instead we wanted to use them as an example to others to always wear masks and protect themselves against Covid-19." The men were given masks before they were made to do the punishment together while maintaining a distance. Thailand has seen record COVID-19 cases in recent weeks following an outbreak in the capital Bangkok linked to nightclubs and coyote bars, which were visited by politicians, diplomats and leading business figures. Health officials believe the virus is the British strain that entered the country from neighbouring Cambodia. Ministers have now introduced 20,000 baht (£456 GBP) fines for not wearing a mask outdoors and closed a swathe of business – but not shopping malls and restaurants. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha was recently fined 6,000 baht after taking his mask off during a cabinet meeting on April 26.