Thai rescuers catches lost iguana threatened by barking dogs in woman's yard

A lost iguana had a lucky escape after wandering into a yard full of snarling dogs.

The 2ft long tropical pet escaped from its enclosure and wandered into a garden in Chonburi, eastern Thailand on Monday (November 18) afternoon.

The rescue team helped the lost iguana from the yard that it was surrounded and threatened by the house dogs.

Pluemkamol Muangniyom, 48, was startled by constant barking and she went outside to see what was happening, then noticed that the dogs surrounded the terrified lizard.

Rescuers arrived and dragged the green iguana to safety while the house owner had to pull back her dogs to prevent them from attacking.

Pluemkamol said that she was napping in the house when she was disturbed by the sound of her dogs barking.

She said: "The dogs woke me up from my nap and they continued barking, so I had to check what was going on."

"I saw an iguana in the yard, he was wandering to the small tree to hide from my dogs that were barking intensely at it."

Rescue workers will keep the iguana while they try to trace the owner as releasing it back into the wild could disrupt the ecosystem, as iguanas are not native to the region.