Thai resident uses remote controlled car to collect takeaway food during coronavirus pandemic

A man in Thailand used a remote controlled car to collect his takeaway food from the delivery man. Mongkonchai Chomsup ordered spicy salad as lunch from a motorbike food delivery company for his family on April 8 in Bangkok, central Thailand. When he received a notification that his order had arrived, he turned on the toy Lamborghini car and controlled it to move towards the delivery man. The delivery man placed the boxes of food inside and the vehicle, which can be used to carry children, returned to the customer. Mongkonchai said: ''Everyone is so worried about the virus. This is a fun way to follow the government's social distancing guidelines.'' Restaurants in Thailand have closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic, but some that can do delivery are still allowed to operate. Since recording began, Thailand has declared 2,613 COVID-19 coronavirus cases and 41 deaths. The country has enforced strict measures to combat the pandemic including the banning of passenger flights, curfews, travel bans and alcohol prohibition.

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