Thai teacher makes disinfectant tunnel amid coronavirus pandemic

A swimming teacher made a tunnel to disinfect people with alcohol amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wannaphang Phattana, 42, built the device from PVC tubes and a clear curtain. Those who walk through are then sprayed by the disinfectant liquid which is pumped through the pipes.

The teacher and her husband had planned to use it in a swimming pool in Ang Thong, central Thailand, but that has been closed so they used it to disinfect themselves every time when they came back home.

Wannaphang said: "We were worried about the spread of the coronavirus so we wanted to build something to sanitise our students before they enter the pool.

"However, just before we could install it the government forced to close the pool temporarily, so we decided to place it at our house instead."

The teacher added that the cost for making the tunnel was minimal and they are happy to give advice for people who want to make their own.

She said: "One tunnel only cost around 3,000THB (76GBP) to build. 

"Since we now have more free time after the swimming pool closed, we think we will be able to produce more and sell them or give advice to the locals who want to make their own."

Alcohol based sanitiser and disinfectant can help avoid the spread of the coronavirus.