Thailand’s first vertical ‘robot parking’ opens to ease congestion

Thailand’s first vertical ‘robot parking’ system opened today (April 1) to ease traffic congestion in the capital city Bangkok. The machine can hold 16 cars which it lifts to different elevated levels after the driver has driven onto the metal cage and left the vehicle. Operators of the Ferris wheel type structure claim that the whole parking process can be completed in under 90 seconds. The cost is 15 Baht (0.48 USD) for two hours if the driver uses the subway, or 50 Baht (1.60 USD) an hour if the driver does not use the subway. The city’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Authority of Thailand said the improved system will encourage motorists to park and use trains, as the first robot parking project was built beside the Sam Yan MRT station. A spokesman said: ‘Drivers could leave their cars here without hassle and then ride the train for a faster option. This gives the people more alternatives when it comes to transportation.’ The officer added that the project will hopefully reduce the amount of air pollution in the city in the long run. He said: ‘Bangkok is one of the cities that frequently suffer from the hazardous haze. We are hopeful that as the project encourages motorists to ride trains, it will reduce the car engine combustion in the long run.’