Thank You for the Music! - Alice Goodchild, St John’s School

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Thank you for the music! <i>(Image: Unsplash)</i>
Thank you for the music! (Image: Unsplash)

On Sunday 26th March, a few of the diverse youth music groups of Surrey joined together to perform in two spectacular gala concerts over the course of the day. Over 17 ensembles took part in the two concerts combined to create a day of joyful music making to remember. All the ensembles who took part are run by Surrey Arts. Surrey Arts is an organisation that was set up in order to provide all children and young adults in Surrey with musical opportunities, no matter their age, ability, or background. I personally have been involved with the organisation for 8 years, starting in a training wind band and ending up in the advanced wind orchestra in which I now play. The best things about these musical opportunities have been the friendships I have made and the variety of music I have been able to play and explore.

The ensembles organised by Surrey Arts provide a huge range of musical opportunities and there is something for anyone who wants to get involved. The youth ensembles range from the advanced full orchestra, wind orchestra, and big band, to training and area wind bands, choirs, and even the UP! orchestra, a special ensemble that provides children and young people with additional mental health, behavioural, and ESL (English as a second language) needs, as well as disabilities and diverse cultural backgrounds with the chance to make music, no matter their ability, interest, or instrument. It is truly evident that Surrey Arts is responsible for the brilliant musical opportunities that are available and wholly accessible to all young people across the county.

There is no doubt that Surrey Arts and the work it has done has contributed very positively to the community of children and young people in the county by offering music and performance when perhaps it may not have been possible without the organisation. Even through the lockdowns, sessions continued on Zoom and musicians could be together, even if only from their own homes. I suppose all that is left to say is thank you for the music!