'That's Huge': Massive Whale Shark Spotted in Gulf of Mexico

A large whale shark was spotted swimming near a private fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico on May 18.

Video taken aboard a Hubbard’s Marina private fishing charter vessel shows a huge whale shark swimming idly by, as onlookers watch on in amazement of its size.

According to James D. Hubbard, the owner of Hubbard’s Marina, the boat was out fishing roughly 14 to 16 miles from Madeira Beach in Florida.

“He is a good 40-45 feet,” a person on the boat is heard saying in the video. “Unbelievable fish, look at this, hanging out with us.” Credit: Hubbard’s Marina via Storyful

Video transcript

- Look at this, guys. Here's the boat. What do you think, Scraps? Is he big or what?

- That's huge. It's huge.

- Look at this, guys.

- He's just covering the side.

- He is a good 40, 45 feet.


Unbelievable fish. Look at this, hanging out with us. Guys, look at the size of this whale shark underneath us right now. He's as big as the hub.

- Oh, my God.

- Look at this.

- He's 40, 50 foot long.

- He's turning around and coming back.

- You don't want your picture taken, baby boy?

- He is a 50 footer. He is longer than the-- look at this, guys.

- Come here, baby boy.

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